Planning Bollocks – phase 3

4 December 2012 and our planning permission to add a 116 sq m two storey extension is approved.  This gives a total of 452

Our first success at the main house.   Yehhhh!

Of course we don’t really want to build an extension, but that is not relevant to the Planners at Waverley.  We have to make a start and put in the footings,

Next up is a Certificate of Lawfulness application to erect a further 66 sq m single storey extension – we are in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so “Call me Dave”s latest initiative to increase PD rights does not apply to us.  We have to start – but not finish – building this extension  (do try to keep up)  for it to be included in the combined sq m’age of the existing house.


So here are the foundations for the PD extension:-

We are therefore on track to resubmit our application within the planning rules for a 508 sq m house.

But….will it yet be rejected?