What will the new building at PH look like?

Assuming we get Planning permission…

and that is a big assumption…

the house, designed by Mr and Mrs T, will look like this :-

The Palladian design is based upon the work of John Nash – who designed Buckingham Palace and the Brighton Pavillion, and whose first palladian villa called ¬†Llanerchaeron was to set the Georgian style in the 1800’s. ¬†The building, as below, is now owned by the National Trust.




The PP to enable us to extend Garden Cottage has just been confirmed.

Rimavon – our builders – are back on site and the target completion date is 30 april 2013.

Not long before we move in to the cottage.

Follow build on the site at top of page – “Building Garden Cottage”.


Meanwhile, PP on the main house has been submitted with the date for an answer being 26 March 2013.

Fingers (and everything else) crossed