21 March 2013

Planning permission has been granted allowing us to demolish the chalet bungalow and build our perfect house.

It was on 28 March 2012, 12 months ago, that Councillors and Officers rejected our application because…”the floor area, bulk, height …. would be harmful to the character of the area”.

Yet miraculously, 12 months later, the same design ( now 40cms narrower and 500cms higher) is perfectly acceptable.

What a waste of time, money, effort and emotions.




2 thoughts on “HALLELUJAH!!!!”

  1. What a great blog!
    We live in Hascombe and have just bought a plot with an old lived in barn in Hambledon which we can knock down.
    We are about to submit a PD to Waverley to add 460 sq ft to the back of an old barn which is 1800 sq ft. The plan is then to knock it all down and build an eco barn of 2600 sq ft. Rather like” the barn by Yoo” on their website.
    We are using D and M planning in godalming. They say we must build the PD, then knock it down before the actual build. What a waste of time and money!
    You seem to have achieved this without doing the actual PD build or have I got it wrong?
    Your advice would be great!
    With Regards,
    Peter A Magnussen

    1. Hi Peter

      We employed D & M and got refused
      I sacked them and did it myself and the same application got approved!
      They actually contacted me after and asked how I did it!

      You don’t have to build – I can talk you through what we did and how to get round this
      It will cost you a case of leoville Barton – not cheap but compared to D & M ……

      No guarantees though – Waverely can be tortuous

      Alternatively, you could arrange a pre planning meeting with Waverely and they should tell you what to do to get permission. This will be less expensive than my case of wine.

      Up to you

      E mail me on peter@parkhatch if you want

      Good luck


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