The Gardens

Park Hatch is situated on a small hillock in the Surrey Weald and the soil is predominantly weald clay. Joy!

The formal gardens originally consisted of terraces with ornate steps leading onto paths, winding around the estate and heading down to the large 1 acre lake constructed  by damming  a natural bowl where water accumulates naturally.

The main path was made up of stone cobbles which we have recently re-discovered, buried under years of soil and tree leaves.

Over the years, the trees have encroached over the open grassed areas so that the house is now surrounded by 900+ specimens, including over 50 oak trees – the one pictured below is circa 300 years old.  The greatest treasure are the three wonderful Cedars of Lebanon, one of which can be seen in the picture rising majestically above everything else on the western boundary. It is truly magnificent.


Much of the entrance was covered over by laurel bushes when we purchased the property.

A small walled garden is still in the ownership of the estate, whilst the main walled garden is now owned by the Round House.  The Garden Cottage opened onto the walled garden – the photo is taken pre-purchase when the house was occupied by a caretaker.

There are some rare rhododendron and camellia specimens spread around the grounds.

Needless to say, we have a great deal of work ahead of us to restore the grounds to something of their former glory – and this is something we are really looking forward to!

  JANUARY 2013

Before the snow fell, we had the lakeside cleared revealing the man made dam at the West edge of our land.

Looking South


Work begins building the pond and rose terrace in the walled garden

Pond finished and third arched entrance done – July 2013

rose garden 2

rose garden arch

Next job – planting.


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