The view from above


One of our Parish Councillors – Sarah Sullivan – flew over the site at the weekend and took the below picture.

Garden Cottage is in the foreground, with the walled rose garden and its new square fishpond in the middle, and the outline of our house at the top.  3 neat squares in a row that will satisfy geometric pedants like me.


aerial 2013 4

The Godmans’ revisit

August 2013 – we are visited by Mrs Joe Godman and her son Dominic, plus Caroline Hyman nee Godman.

Joe and Caroline are the siblings of the last Godman – their father Joseph – to own Park Hatch.

Attached is a photo of them on the original front door steps, plus some other great photos that I copied from Caroline’s home photo album.

Park Hatch history 002 Park Hatch history 003 Park Hatch history 004 Park Hatch history 005 Park Hatch history 007 Park Hatch history 008 Park Hatch history 010